Website Updates!

Submitted by Brandon Spruill on

As you can see, we've updated a bit of the graphics on our website (call it our "website 2.0"), including an updated navbar. Here are just a few changes:

  • Contact Us - revised form: due the high number and variety of emails that we receive daily at "," we have added other categories to speed up the forwarding to the respective teams of expertise.
  • Blog: the official news and press releases will be posted here.
  • Help Forum: our official forum. It will be used to provide technical support and to welcome your ideas / criticisms - in this regard, please note that the webOS Nation Forums have always been and continue to be the best place to get answers from the community about webOS. We don't wish to replace the great work that the guys at Nation do every day: our forum deals only with PIC and its products & services.
  • Social login: To comment or to use the forum you can login with your favourite social network credentials, or create a phxdevices user from the login form at the top right.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and don't worry: more will come! If you have any changes that you'd to see added to the site, feel free to let us know over in the forums.